EU Staff and trainees to march in Brussels Pride as “Europe – United in diversity”

A group made up of égalité, the LGBTQ staff of the EU institutions, Queer Stagiaires, trainees of the EU institutions and Stand up for Europe Bruxelles is going to march in Brussels Pride on Saturday 20 May.


The group will march under a banner that says: “Europe – United in Diversity”, in French and in Dutch. Trainees and EU staff will be wearing yellow and blue shirts that carry the EU logo on the back, as well as the inscription “We are united in diversity”. EU flags and rainbow flags will also be carried by members of the group.

“It’s important to us to give visibility to the LGBTQ staff and their allies at the European Union institutions. We want to show potential LGBTQ trainees that this is a working environment where they can be themselves” says Alejandro Hernandez, leader of the Queer Stagiaires and trainee at the European Council.

“Many of us come from countries where LGBTQ rights are not safeguarded. As someone from Poland, it was important for me to march in Pride and to show solidarity with my friends at home” adds Marek, Coordinator for the LGBTQ subcommittee at the European Commission and trainee from Poland.

“It would be great if we end up inspiring members of staff in the EU representations across Europe and beyond to participate in Pride marches in the future.” – Belinda Dear, European Commission employee from the UK.

“It is crucial that there is a visible representation of trainees and staff from EU institutions in Pride, not only to express alliance with our LGBTQ colleagues, but also to get the message across to all member states and beyond that we care, and that they are supported,” said Niamh, Coordinator for the LGBTQ subcommittee at the European Parliament and trainee from Ireland.

“This Pride is the opportunity to remember that the EU is about diversity, the acceptance of our differences and the promotion of our different values, currently threatened with the rise of populism and intolerance. The EU is and has been fighting for equal rights overall and, notably for the LGBTQ community. We have to show we, citizens, stand by the EU in this fight. This is the reason why we are proud to call ourselves Europeans!” said Laure-Alice Bacquaert from Stand up for Europe Bruxelles.

It is important to note that the grouping in question is a private initiative by staff and trainees, and is in no way funded through the European Commission. The group is marching in a private capacity.

This year’s participation in Brussels Pride builds on the success of the participation of EU trainees last year, on 16 May 2016. The European Commission’s first official participation in a Pride march was during Amsterdam Pride in August 2016.

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