Donations Galore at LGBT Rights Dinner Discussion

The first inter-institutional dinner discussion of the Spring 2017 traineeship saw over 40 trainees in attendance.

The discussion was initiated as a collaborative effort between the EP humanitarian and solidarity committee, and the EP LGBT+ committee. Trainees from the Parliament, Commission, Council and EACA were in attendance.

The premise of the discussion centered around the stance of LGBT+ rights in both EU and non-EU member states. Trainees presented research on issues in Romania, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, The Netherlands and Germany. A preliminary quiz to these presentations offered a greater sense of interaction with such findings.

A feast of dishes hailing from an array of nationalities also ensured that no trainees’ tastebuds were left unappeased, with Romanian polenta, Irish shepherd’s pie, Italian tiramisu, Polish vegetarian smalec and Bulgarian banitsa, to name a few, were on offer.

A request for donation of non-perishable foodstuffs was also met with enthusiastic response, with 4 full bags now ready to be donated to food delivery charity Restos du Coeur.

A follow up event has been organised by all institutional LGBT+ groups on 10 May from 18:15-20:30, at Place Charles Rogier 16. LGBTQ equality in a context of shrinking civil society space will be discussed.

The event will open with the presentation “Is freedom of assembly in danger? Prides and LGBTQ visibility in a context of shrinking civil society space in Europe” by Daina Ruduša advocacy and programmes officer in ILGA-Europe, followed by a discussion on the current state of LGBTQ affairs in European countries.

Those interested in attending can register at .





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