Working group on the Brussels Pride established; EU trainees, staff members and affiliated parties to march as “Europe, United in Diversity”

Inspired by last year’s participation of EU trainees in Brussels Pride, Egalité, the association for LGBTI staff of the EU institutions, as well as trainees from the current spring session will again march this year.

The first meeting, establishing a working group for Brussels Pride, has taken place today in the premises of the Committee of the Regions.

The event was attended by trainees from the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission.  A representative of Egalité was also present. In addition, two former trainees, who had organised the participation in Pride during the spring session of 2016 have joined the working group.

A budget is being provided by Egalité for banners and T-shirts. Egalité is funded through private contributions of its members.

European Council Trainee Alex Pulher was designated as coordinator of the working group, while former European Parliament trainee and current European Commission employee Hannah Grace Carter was designated as communications coordinator.


Facebook event for the Participation in Pride

Please fill in this Google form if you intend to come to Pride


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